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Have you planned your holidays with the clarinet yet?


So maybe this offer will appeal to you! 

ClariDive is the only master course in the world combining the passion for playing clarinet and diving. As an experienced musician and certified diving instructor I can assure you how perfectly these two things complement each other!


During 8-day long stay (3-10 August 2019) in amazingly picturesque place on Earth, namely Central Dalmatia in Croatia, you will be able to improve your clarinet playing skills under the supervision of artist educators as well as try the remarkable adventure of diving with aqualung.


I am absolutely glad that apart from an awesome clarinettist Radovan Cavallin from Croatia, our invitation to give clarinet classes was also accepted by an outstanding soloist Sharon Kam.


Diving part of the course, for which participants do not need any diving certificate, will be supervised by Polish diving instructors.











I heartily invite you to take part!

Arek Arkadiusz Adamski

Study with the outstanding teachers:

 Sharon Kam 

Radovan Cavallin

Arkadiusz Adamski