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Dive days mean an active form of relaxation, namely tourist diving from the boat under the supervision of an instructor. Dive day is planned from 9 am to 4 pm. During this time the participants will go to the diving sites by boat. This is going to be intro diving (introduction to diving) which is an underwater trip, not deeper than 7 meters, in a pair with an instructor. Each diving will follow the scheme : 1 participant + 1 instructor. The duration of diving is about 15/20 minutes. Before intro diving there will be a training concerning basic diving procedures. The ability to use aqualung equipment is not required from participants. The participants should, however, have the basic swimming skills.




People with upper airway obstruction should take into consideration the problems with ear pressure. It is recommended to consult a laryngologist before deciding to take part in the course.



Contraindications to diving:

- obstructed upper airways

- epilepsy

- coronary disease

- alcohol or drug intoxication

- advanced pregnancy.