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ClariDive is a combination of learning to play the clarinet and relaxing actively. During the course the participants will not only practice their instrumental skills but also they will be given a chance to take part in intro diving – diving with aqualung with an instructor – in the most beautiful underwater locations.


The course will take place from 3rd to 10th August 2019 in the picturesque Croatian town – Jezera on Murter island.


The course is divided into two parts – Clari – clarinet classes and Dive – diving classes.


The promenade chamber concerts are planned during the course as well as the final concert of the clarinet choir which will consist of the chosen ClariDive participants.


During Clari days the participants can actively and passively take part in classes with Sharon Kam, Radovan Cavallin and Arkadiusz Adamski. The educational programme includes individual classes – 3 lessons – one with each teacher and chamber classes, from duet to clarinet choir. In case of chamber classes, participation is facultative. Clari classes are going to last 4 days.


During Dive days the participants can go by “Tomisa” boat to the diving sites, where intro diving with experienced instructors from “Nautilus” diving base – Jakub Świątkiewicz, Mariusz Fąfara, Marek Kulbacki, Arkadiusz Adamski will take place. The participation in Dive classes is facultative.  Dive classes are going to last 3 days.


Clari and Dive calendar



3.08 organizational meeting


4.08 individual classes. R. Cavallin, A. Adamski.


5.08 individual classes. S. Kam.

5.08 chamber classes. R. Cavallin, A. Adamski

5.08 evening promenade concerts.


6.08 intro diving classes. Nautilus instructors.


7.08 individual and chamber classes. S. Kam, R. Cavallin, A. Adamski

7.08 evening promenade concerts.


8.08 intro diving classes. Nautilus instructors.


9.08 individual and chamber classes. S. Kam, R. Cavallin, A. Adamski

9.08 final concert.


10.08 intro diving classes. Nautilus instructors.

10.08 the end of the course.