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ClariDive Masterclass Regulations



1. Organiser:

Artistic Agency ADART based in Nagawczyn 153, 39-200 Dębica.

2. Addressees:

The course is aimed at students of Secondary School of Music who are at least 15 years old, students and graduates of Music Academies.

3. Date:

The course will take place from 3rd to 10th August 2019.

4. Location:

The town Jezera in municipality Tisno on the island Murter in Croatia.

5. Price:

A. For active participants the price is 400 EUR

The price includes:

  • 3 individual clarinet lessons (one with each teacher)

  • Classes with accompanist

  • Chamber classes according to the schedule prepared after the list of participants is done

  • 3 intro divings with certified diving instructors (with entering the diving boat)

  • Recreational programme

  • Participation in the evening concert of course participants


B. For passive participants the price is 100 EUR.

The price includes:

  • Admission to all course classes as a listener

  • Admission to concerts organised during the course

  • Admission to the diving boat (without the possibility to dive) after extra payment – 15 EUR for one cruise. The decision about the admission to the boat is made by the captain after setting the maximum number of cruise participants.

  • Recreational programme

C. In case of active underage participants the admission to the diving boat is only possible with legal guardian. Such a person (guardian) does not pay for the admission to the boat.

D. The course guests may participate in diving boat cruises according to the stated admission fees, unless there are no seats available. The decision about the admission to the boat is made by the captain after setting the maximum number of cruise participants.


ATTENTION! The organiser does not provide accommodation or catering (link to accommodation facilities is available on the course website HERE).




Conditions of participations:

1. Filling in and sending the application form HERE by 16th June 2019

2. Payment of the course fee by 16th June 2019 to the bank account:

Agencja Artystyczna ADART

06 1090 2008 0000 0001 3441 7833

with a note: Name and surname, active/passive participant, ClariDive Masterclass.


In the event of the resignation from participating, the fee will not be returned.

3. Filling HERE in and sending parental/legal guardian’s consent for participation ( in case of underage participant) HERE and payment confirmation at claridivemasterclass@gmail.com by 16th June 2019.

4. Lack of the payment by this date means resignation from participation in the course.

5. A condition for participation for underage participants is parental/legal guardian’s consent for participation attached to the application form.

6. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the course, without bearing additional own costs, for reasons beyond control of the organizer, in such a case all payments will be returned.

7. Sending the application is equal to giving permission to the usage of participant’s image in the photographs or recordings for promotional purposes by the organizer.

8. Diving Centre NAUTILUS ul.Kapelanka 1A, 30-347 Kraków is responsible for providing intro diving trainings on Dive days.



ClariDive Masterclass will follow the given framework plan:

3.08 organizational meeting


4.08 individual classes. R. Cavallin, A. Adamski.


5.08 individual classes. S. Kam.

5.08 chamber classes. R. Cavallin, A. Adamski

5.08 evening promenade concerts.


6.08 intro diving classes. Nautilus instructors.


7.08 individual and chamber classes. S. Kam, R. Cavallin, A. Adamski

7.08 evening promenade concerts.


8.08 intro diving classes. Nautilus instructors.


9.08 individual and chamber classes. S. Kam, R. Cavallin, A. Adamski

9.08 final concert.


10.08 intro diving classes. Nautilus instructors.

10.08 the end of the course.


The organizer reserves the right to change the schedule.



1. The course participants are obliged to punctually participate in the classes planned for the given day.

2. Participants or their guardians are responsible for all material damage caused during the course.

3. It is not allowed to consume alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants during all course classes.

4. During Dive days participants are obliged to unconditionally follow dive instructors’ directions.

5. All actions that threaten security, health and possessions of course participants are not allowed.

6. Each participant should keep watch on their personal stuff, instrument, money and documents.

7. The organizer does not bear any responsibility for lost electronic equipment or other valuable stuff which was left unattended.

8. Not applying to the regulations stated above will result in particular consequences including disciplinary removal from the course.